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This document is under construction and subject to frequent change. Please check back often, and if you see something you are not comfortable with contact us at gamemasterapp@gmail.com


The Term 'GM Forge' used in this document refers to the application of 'GM Forge' in its entirety, which includes both the web platform and the downloadable executables

The Term 'Game Master LLC' refers to the limited liability company 'Game Master', which owns 'GM Forge'

The Term 'Terms of Service' refers to this document in its entirety

Using GM Forge

By using GM Forge, in any way, you acknowledge and accept to this Terms of Service agreement, in its entirety.

Game Master LLC may modify these Terms of Use at any time without notice, effective upon its posting the modifications to the website or wiki. Your continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance to the Terms of Service as amended. Game Master LLC has the right, but is not obligated, to strictly enforce the Terms of Service through active investigation, litigation and prosecution, self-help and community moderation.

Violation of Terms

IF any terms or conditions within this document are violated, then the 'Terms of Service' agreement immediately terminates and authorization to GM Forge will be immediately terminated. Any data created in, or for GM Forge, electronically and otherwise, must be destroyed upon violation of these terms. All data, including any existing data on the website and otherwise, is subject to immediate deletion and removal.

Personal Information

GM Forge uses a third-party authorization system to ensure safety of your data. GM Forge promises to make no effort at storing your personal information, which includes but not limited to your name, email address, address and other sensitive information. Future promotions and features may require you provide access to this information, but only at your explicit consent and acknowledgement.

In addition, because a third-party authorization system is used, GM Forge has no involvement in authorizing your account, meaning any sensitive information like passwords and authentication codes, are never visible to GM Forge and thus are your responsibility to keep safe. As such, GM Forge is not responsible for the protection from unauthorized usage of your account, and by accepting these terms you accept and acknowledge this is your responsibility as a user of GM Forge to keep this information safe.

Any purchases made with GM Forge will not collect payment information other than to process the transaction, and a payment service will commonly be provided by a third party service similar to account authorization

Any information that includes purchases may be used internally by GM Forge to make recommendations and share promotions on products.

User Experience

GM Forge is an on going project, meaning new features and ideas are being added and created daily, GM Forge makes no guarantees about the up-time of the service other than we will do our best to ensure a stable experience.

Any interactions between users on the site is not Game Master LLC's responsibility, and you acknowledge this and accept any risk involving any user interactions on the site.

Rights to Data

All data made, created in, or imported into the GM Forge website is the property of GM Forge and Game Master, LLC. Game Master, LLC reserves the right to delete, modify, restrict and otherwise control the data as they see fit. These terms exist to provide an experience that respects the creators and also the holders of any Intellectual Property that this information may be derived from. Any attempt to reverse export any data or code from GM Forge constitutes a violation of these Terms of Service and could incur legal action.

You may not decompile or disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover any source code contained in the Website/Program, unless it has been explicitly been released otherwise (Such as on Github!)

The end user is responsible for all data distributed from the GM Forge offline client, and accepts all responsibilities, legal and otherwise, for the distributed content. GM Forge is not responsible for content distributed from the offline version.

You also acknowledge it is your responsibility to ensure content you provide and share on GM Forge is not infringing on another creator's Intellectual Property and accept all responsibility for what content you add and share.

Intellectual Property

Game Master, LLC respects all Intellectual Property and will not claim any ownership of any Intellectual Property that exists in Game Master, LLC other than the data that exists in GM Forge.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

GM Forge is controlled by Game Master, LLC from the state of Virginia in the United States of America. By accessing GM Forge, you agree that all matters relating to your access to, or use of, GM Forge shall be governed by the statutes and laws of the State of Virginia, without regard to the conflicts of laws principles thereof. You also agree and hereby submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue as if you were an inhabitant of Virginia.

Service may be provided outside of the United States but is not a guarantee, and is subject to the laws of the United States.