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This wiki is in development, so it will be expanding as time goes on. Also, keep in mind this is a one man show, and a programmer is writing this, so it might be a bit cryptic.


GM Forge is a worldbuilder for RPGs.

Started by a frustrated tabletop GM, GM Forge was created as a multitool for both worldbuilding and storytelling, with its focus being roleplaying games. What makes GM Forge unique is the approach we take. Traditionally, these sorts of tools try to 'mimic' a tabletop, and often times development stops here, leaving worldbuilding and storytelling as an after thought.

We, however, recognize that you are in front of computer screen, and consider this carefully when developing... by leveraging a computer's power, both visually and computationally, we can provide tools that can serve you well in your quest to craft the ultimate interactive and immersive experience.

Getting Started (WIP)

  1. Local File Hosting
  2. Rolling Dice
  3. Creating Assets
  4. Writing Notes
  5. Using Slideshows
  6. Custom Layouts and Styling

Map Making Topics

GM Forge has some powerful tools for building large connected and immersive worlds. These entries should give you some concrete details on how start building your worlds and familiarize yourself with the world editing portion of the tool.

  1. Creating a Basic map
  2. Populating your Map
  3. Players and Tokens
  4. Layers and Triggers
  5. Drawing and Labeling
  6. Fog of War
  7. Controlling your Map
  8. Map Editing

Automation (WIP)

  1. Learning the Language
  2. Learning the Actions Menu
  1. Macros 101
  2. Macro Variables
  3. Macro CalcAPI

Homebrewing Systems (WIP)

  1. Homebrewing a System in GM Forge
  2. Homebrewing Character Sheets
  3. Homebrewing Item Sheets
  4. Calculations
  5. Initiatives

Modding GM Forge

  1. Creating your first script