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So you are a little more curious about the forge? Well good news! I've answered a couple of questions to help you get a better understanding of the project!

Why is it innovative?

I built a ton of tools into GM Forge, some are pretty standard, such as a dice roller, character sheets, and a game board. However the variation of these tools is what really makes them stand out, and makes them unique and innovative.

For example, a character sheet in GM Forge can be customized entirely. It can have its own unique layout and structure, regardless of which system you are playing, and you can add your own automation to the character sheets, such as number crunching and condition checking. This automation can even be applied to the character sheets, meaning you can have certain dialogs appear/disappear depending on if your character is injured, or damaged or more!

Because of this customization, you can have vehicles/shops/spaceships and more all mashed together in a functioning and powerful world. I'm especially proud of this because man, it was a bitch to build.

This idea of customization is present throughout the tool, anything from applying damage results and math to custom display and menus you pretty much have 100% control over the tool.

Even the game boards are highly customizable, and feature layers that can be used to spring automatic traps, organize your maps, or create interesting visual effects. The game boards can even have *animated* backgrounds, so animated battle maps are now a real possibility in the VTT space.

There's special effects such as weather and fade in effects, synchronized youtube videos, and you can even pull your resources from any URL without any restrictions, meaning any visual is a google search away!

Seriously there is a ton more going on with this project, and with the introduction of the community forge you will be seeing a lot more progress going on with the tool!

Why are you building this?

I'm building GM Forge because I felt the virtual tabletop space was going in a bad direction. A subscriptions-only lock down. In my eyes this was just not okay, tabletop games cost good money to get into, I mean hell standard books run upwards of $100.

Not only that, but some of them have the gall to charge you *again* for content you've already purchased, often times at full price. That's INSANE, and as a consumer, I just wasn't okay with it. So I started GM Forge, a tool to give you a fully capable virtual tabletop, that offered tools that could be used regardless of which system/game you are playing.

In the early days of the project I knew I always wanted to make it affordable, and man was that a challenge. It turns out all the other virtual tabletops weren't evil and greedy for approaching the tool they way they did. These things are hard to build, and I can totally understand why the other services charged a monthly fee for their service. But even after a year of struggling and working tirelessly, I still didn't feel it was **right** to sell one of these tools under a subscription model.

And that's why I built it, I wanted to provide something that I wanted and didn't exist at the time it.